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With Over 75 Years Experience Specialising in Shopfitting, Refrigeration Engineering &
Air Conditioning Norwich

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Air Conditioning Norwich, Norfolk...

Meet Secker & Sons

At Secker and Sons, we specialise in refrigeration engineering, air conditioning, shopfitting and revolutionary new heat reclaim technology in the Retail, Commercial & Industrial sectors.

With over 70 years under our belt, we are a well established family business operating nationally and have built a reputation for outstanding service & quality installations.

Air Conditioning Norwich
Air Conditioning Norwich
Air Conditioning Norwich
Secker Air Conditioning Norwich
A True Family Business Since 1945

Since the company was established over 70 years ago, three generations of the family have helped shape the family-run, independent business with a reputation for outstanding service and high quality installations.

Our ecoLOGICAL solution to reducing energy costs.

We have designed a radical new heat reclaim system that harnesses waste heat energy created by refrigeration plant to provide FREE hot water thereby eliminating the need to heat water by a conventional boiler.


Air Conditioning Norwich

Whether the Air Conditioning System you require is for residential, commercial, retail or industrial premices, we will work with you to ensure that your needs are met, from completing a full survey


Supermarkets, Pubs, Clubs, Abattoirs, Butchers, Florists, Restaurants, Food Manufacturing and Processing Factories, have all featured in our client list, you name it and we have probably been there and delivered what was needed.

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    Our Services

    A/C installation

    We offer high quality installation of residential and commercial air conditioning with the use of professional equipment and fine materials, at a lower cost.

    Maintenance and repair

    Refrigeration and air conditioning systems require regular maintenance and servicing. If equipment is not maintained they become less efficient


    Since 1945, we have built up our reputation as leading UK Refrigeration experts. We have used our experience and knowledge to provide outstanding service.

    Heat Reclaim

    Working with German technology we design supply and instal a radical new heat reclaim system which harnesses waste heat energy.


    With a national shopfitting service specialising in the food and grocery industry. We have worked with all the major groups over the past 30 years

    Green Technology

    Environmental restrictions are stricter than ever and energy costs must be kept under control with EcoTherm technology

    Our National Accounts

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    Air Conditioning Norwich

    Bill Weightman

    Parrys Supermarket, Liverpool

    Stockbridge ward councillor Bill Weightman said: “The opening of Parry’s is a real asset for the local community and provides a high quality retail experience which is unrivalled in the area (

    Air Conditioning Norwich, Norfolk

    Rob Mutimer

    Swannington Farm to Fork, Norfolk

    We have been amazed with the amount of heat that we are able to recycle from the fridge units. The water in the heat reclaim tank is constantly around 59/60 degrees with the temperature only dropping 10 degrees when we are washing down.

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