W.J.Seppings Butchers, Norfolk

“Since Secker’s installed EcoTherm our fuel bills have reduced dramatically & we are very happy with our investment would highly recommend it to others!”



W.J. Seppings Butchers was established in 1919 and continues as a family business today supplying quality meat from the original shop. It is the oldest established butchers in Hungate, Beccles with highly trained butchers cutting and preparing the meat on the premises – they make over a ton and a half of sausages a week. The kitchens at the Hungate premises also make fresh pastry products daily: a wide range of savoury and fruit pies, quiches and hundreds of sausage rolls. Whenever possible all meat is sourced locally and Robert Sepping is keen to ensure his business promotes low food miles.

In April 2011, Secker & Sons carried out a major re-fit at the Hungate shop. We completely stripped out the tired fixtures and fittings and replaced the shop front, flooring, ceiling & wall tiling to give the shop a new lease of life. New, modern Arneg Sydney chilled display counters for meat and delicatessen items has changed the way product is displayed & has increased sales.

As part of these works, Seckers refrigeration engineering department proposed that Robert Sepping replace his numerous old refrigeration motors with a multi-compressor pack system & remote condenser which would be far more efficient to run. The one system would run his walk-in chillers & freezers as well as the display cabinets on the shop floor. Robert, keen benefit from year on year financial saving and to keep his impact on the environment to a minimum, welcomed the proposal. This decision alone reduced their carbon emissions by nearly 40% saving over 20 tonnes of Co2 per annum.

Seppings Shopfront2

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Secker & Sons also recommended that we install our EcoTherm Heat Reclaim to Water system to Robert’s refrigeration plant, enabling the compressors to generate FREE hot water which can be used for food preparation as well as wash down & sanitisation. As you can imagine, with all that butchery & pastry production, the business consumes a lot of hot water during the course of a day.

The installation consisted of the EcoTherm 300 Litre insulated water storage cylinder complete with a 6kw heat exchanger connected to the multi-compressor pack system. The new 300 Litre water cylinder provides water at 55ºC as a pre feed to the existing water tank


• Annual savings equate to 24,024kw or £1,680.00
(based on current fuel costs).
• The installation reduces CO2 emissions by 13.06
tonnes per year (based on Carbon Trust estimates).
• The payback period on investment is 3.8 years


• Reduced dependence on energy supply
• Reduced CO2 footprint and associated costs
• Greatly assists the carbon reduction commitment
• Substantial reduction in energy bills
• Improved company green credentials
• Improved refrigeration plant efficiency