Lamberts The Abbatoir

“Most of the Green actions taken have also given the company cost savings, so in these tight times it’s a good thing to do for the environment and also to increase profits.”


Suffolk based Lamberts The Abattoir has been established for some 40+ years and incorporates a highly respected abattoir which recognizes the need to minimize its environmental impact wherever possible. This year they were rewarded for their commitment by winning the Suffolk Carbon Charter Gold Award*.

In 2010, Lamberts were looking to expand their operation and Secker & Sons (Norwich) Ltd were initially asked to supply and install the new Cold and Freezer Rooms. Our brief was to design the installation with minimal increases to the abattoir’s existing energy costs.

We demonstrated that not only could we provide new energy efficient refrigeration, but that we could design the system to incorporate our state of the art heat reclaim system thereby virtually eliminating the need to heat their hot water through conventional gas boilers. Secker & Sons (Norwich) Ltd harnessed the large volume of waste heat energy being rejected to atmosphere from the

(Creating the Greenest County was launched in 2007. The partnership works with local communities & businesses to reduce their carbon footprint & promote local food production amongst other actions)

C & K Meats Abbatoir

Commissioning the condenser










After our team of highly experienced in-house engineers installed the new equipment, Lamberts was able to benefit from the 20,000 litres of FREE hot water produced every day, which they use to clean the preparation rooms and sanitize associated equipment. This effectively equates to  1 Megawatt of gas energy saving per day with the added advantage to the environment of 53 tonnes reduction in CO2 output per year. This huge financial saving ensures that the installation costs are recovered within 2 years and Lamberts are now benefiting from the year-on-year financial savings!

The directors of C & K Group recognise that virtually all the activities in the food industry have some impact on the environment.

“We believe that our performance as a leading processor of meat products will be measured not only by our profitability, but also by our impact on the environment.”

Award Suffolk Green Carbon Charter