Dike & Son Superstore, Dorset

“Some of the comments we have had from customers about the new store have compared us to Waitrose and that is where we set our sights…..Nisa’s development team worked closely with approved shopfitter Secker & Sons, who have proved superb.”


This independent family run superstore was a new build site & Secker’s brief was to design a retail environment that would compete with the major national retailers whilst creating an independent brand identity. With 16,000 square feet of retail space incorporating a large ‘open plan’ entrance area, a deli/butchery and a café there were several elements to consider within the design.

Andy Dike handed the building over to us as a shell and we were given a six week time frame in which to complete the installation. This was a challenge, but with our reliable workforce of shop-fitters, engineers & electricians we were keen to accept the project.

Our in-house refrigeration technician designed the refrigeration installation which consists of an HT and a LT pack, with supplementary units for the walk-in chilled rooms to ensure there is always a back up available. All the refrigeration pipes were laid in the sub-floor prior to the terrazzo being laid so none are visible on the shop-floor. We also installed a temperature monitoring system so if there is a problem on site the alarm will be sent to Seckers HQ and dealt with as soon as is necessary (depending on the severity of the problem). We can also monitor the system and foresee problems before they happen!

The clients wanted a modern industrial feel to the entrance area, which gave us the opportunity to use a Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning system combined with a more discrete solution within the suspended ceiling. Andy Dike was keen to use environmentally friendly equipment where possible as this would mean reduced running costs year on year. Mitsubishi energy saving technology provides reduced power consumption, increased energy efficiency and spreads the operating load between units, reducing wear and, importantly, reducing noise. This was an important consideration as, like many others, this supermarket is situated near residential properties. In short, we were able to provide an economic, efficient & aesthetically pleasing air conditioning solution to provide comfort heating & cooling to all areas of the build











As is the case with most projects, our remit included overall Project Management for the site. This involves managing our in-house teams and additional suppliers and contractors, ordering the equipment and controlling the equipment and installation budget. In fact, our director Alan Secker managed this project and chose to stay on site for 6 weeks to ensure the project was completed to the client’s satisfaction.

As with every project, no matter how large or small, we had to ensure we complied with all Health & Safety legislation, CDM, as well as the Local Planning & Building Control authorities.

Example equipment installed:

• Intrac IMZ25 shelving system
• Intrac Checkout system
• Bespoke joinery
• Arneg display cabinets – HT & LT
• Walk-in bespoke chiller & freezer room boxes
• Refrigeration engineering
• Mitsubishi Twin air conditioning systems
• Combined refrigeration packs with remote condensers
• Electrical Installation
• Terrazzo floor
• Suspended ceiling
• iGuzzini lighting